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This site is a collection of annotated links to websites on millennial and apocalyptic themes.

Some sites are scholarly, some are personal, some are just wacky, and meant to be. They all express a point of view, and so we hope to provide not just the links, but a kind of guide to their content. Many of the annotations were created for classes on The End of the World taught at Allegheny College. In these cases, signatures indicate students' work; all other content can be credited to the professor.

This project of collecting endtime links has been going on in some form or other since 1995. Thus, these pages are a record of what was, as well as what is. As sites come and go, there has been some attempt to keep the links updated, but, frankly, not all of the sites are active. Dates when a site was accessed are provided.

This site is a work in progress. If you have comments, a link update, or a site to add, email me at acarr@allegheny.edu.

Topics include:

Material for these sites has been collected in previous classes:

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