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EndGame Homepage, submitted by Angela Hughes
Aimed at the general Christian public, the many authors of this organization state that their mission is "to provide truthful interpretations of biblical prophecies as they relate to world events...". They have a lengthy list of several links to articles, or other websites on the web, linking worldwide events to biblical prophecies. The group lists a number of written and non-written sources which help their historical, scientific, and topical knowledge in making their predictions. There is a lengthy link which gives a guided tour of the identities of the four horsemen. As with this site and a number of their links, they piece together historical facts to fit biblical prophecies. This website is an example of a religious group intellectually expressing their specific interpretations of certain Apocalyptic prophecies and backing them up with historical facts. (Accessed March 7,1999)
End Times FAQ is maintained by a group called The Trumpeter, located in Bridge City TX. [Site not available 21 December 2005.]
The End Time, the Tribulation, submitted by J.P. Russell
This site by Bruce Kettler, is a fairly radical look at how our world's society is heading directly towards its doom and the second coming of Jesus Christ. The site has clearly been written from a fairly conservative Christian aspect. The main page is a bit bland and the site isn't easy to navigate, but it has an extremely interesting viewpoint on the end of the world. There is also a lot of interesting information deeper within the sites only it's not always easy to find. It's necessary to click on interesting hyperlinked words that may deal with end times and there tends to be extensive, interesting information on the topic. Overall this site is worth-while if you're looking for an end of the world site with interesting, and well thought out points about the apocalypse. (Accessed 5 Dec 2005)
The End of The World, submitted by Brian Schiffbauer
Scott Stewart, a member of the larger group, The Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association Ltd. lives and edits out of the United Kingdom. The site is a branch of the main site Christadelphia Home Page that provides links to more than just end of the world criteria. Stewart refutes prophecies throughout the site, but establishes validity of some prophecies through quoting the bible. A little religious background for better understanding and perception wouldn't hurt while viewing. The biblical interpretations are based on both theory and fact. It's hard to doubt reliability in a site that refers to the bible but I think some of the theories are a little contorted and bias, such as Jesus fully predicting a world nuclear war. A religious philosophy and Christian based to be exact. The site is well organized and broken into sub-groups which provide clarity and organization and is recommended. (Accessed 7 December 2005)
End of the World Bible Prophecies, submitted by David Wong
The creator of this site is unknown. There is a page that allows you to contact the creators. This website is to draw attention to the biblical prophecies. The homepage has 20 biblical prophecies with the passages cited. Information is then given for each prophecy. On the second page there is a list of already fulfilled biblical prophecies. Most of the already alleged fulfilled biblical prophecies are drawn from the book of Revelations. Government officials and news documents are cited as proof that the prophecies were fulfilled. The third page of this site is a question and answer section about the various prophecies. There is a small interpretation beneath the quote followed by a link that will take the person to a more detailed answer. The site has a forum and a newsletter. This site would be interesting to people who are concerned with religious prophecies. (Accessed 13 November 2007)
Escape All These Things, submitted by Ian Brost.
Escape All These Things is an organized site that is easy to navigate. The author, Tim McHyde, is a computer programmer, but enjoys writing articles and writing books for the website. He does not appear to have any formal Bible education. The general purpose of this website is to promote McHyde's beliefs on how the End will occur and how to recognize this colossal event. He also is trying to promote his books that he has written. There are has a couple pages that contain McHyde's views on how the world will end, including Planet X colliding with the earth. On the main page, the center column in the table is devoted to the many different articles that Tim wrote. This website is a little less radical than others on the web so those who are a little more willing to explore non-mainstream websites may want to view this site. (Accessed 12 December 2005)
Eschatology, submitted by Melissa Kolson
Information on the Apocalypse can be found on the Eschatology link under "Online Resources" on the main page of the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics (CTRA). Jonathan Hall Barlow and Ed Walsh maintain the page for this Calvinist organization, and the site provides information for like-minded Christian scholars to use in establishing their opinions on the Apocalypse. While this site has a sight bias towards Presbyterianism, believing it to be the most "biblically faithful" of Christian philosophies, it acknowledges disagreements among believers and strives for objectivity. While the information on various millennial views is good, the site seems poorly maintained; only two out of 11 offsite links were still valid as of the last access date. (Accessed March 11, 1999)
[Editor's note, October 30, 2002: There is a new site for the CTRA, and eschatalogical links are found on the Eschaton page.]
Eschatology 101, submitted by Emma Wolfe.
Jim Wade established Eschatology 101 to provide yet another interesting look at eschatology. This website is broken down into several pages that are easy to navigate through. For those of you who are not sure what eschatology is this website is one to look at. He provides a beginners look at what it is. Included in his website are pages devoted to the end of the world. They are in the form of articles and lists of resources to learn more. One thing that needs to be pointed out about this website is that even though its title is Eschatology 101its contents are mainly based on a theological approach. Overall this a good site to look at as a beginning point. (Accessed Dec. 9, 2004).
. Eschatology.org Prophecy Fulfilled, submitted by Stephanie Irish.
Established by Don K. Preston of the non-profit organization Preterist Research Institute in 1993, eschatology.org was created to inform believers and non-believers about the Christian religion. Preston wrote many articles found on the website, and served as a minister for the Ardmore Church of Christ since 1990. He has resigned to concentrate fully on his research, seminars, and debates. The website contains blogs where members can participate in debates about religious topics. There is a store where members can buy books, tapes, and videos on religious elements. The "Articles" and "Audio" links on the Main Page contain various links to popular themes such as, Judgment Day or the Kingdom of God. People interested in this site would mostly be Christian but generally anyone who is looking into eschatology is welcome, even without a membership. It can be used to research or can be used as a reference for bible verses. (Accessed November 20, 2007.)
Eschatology Today, submitted by Alex Habay.
This site is the online version of Eschatology Today, a magazine dedicated to eschatology. It is well-structured with a smooth look and good content. Updated daily with articles pertaining to Biblical Prophecy and the End, there is lots of information. The homepage is easy to navigate, with lists of major concepts, helping the reader gain a general understanding of eschatology. The writings are based upon a Christian belief system, but are clearly not opposed to other views. The majority of the page is easy to read and understand, using common language and a fairly simple style. Some of the topics however, require a thorough understanding of the Bible and Christianity, and may be a little more difficult to comprehend for those not as interested in religion. The editor, Mark Norris, has a degree in theology, currently writes for the U.S. government, and serves as director of Covenant Library Ministries. (Accessed November 17, 2005)
Eschatology Today, submitted by Katie O'Neill
Eschatology, the part of theology concerned with the apocalypse, is the main focus of this site. The purpose of eschatology today, directed by Mark Norris under the Covenant library ministries, is to provide information about the prophetic sources in the Bible so people can make their own decisions about it. It contains many articles regarding the end of the world that uses hermeneutics, the art and study of biblical interpretation, biblical passages, scientific research, and eschatological beliefs to display their messages. One subject that the site covers is the interpretation of the rules of Revelation which gives suggested readings that help in interpretation of Revelation. Additionally, it tells the different types of prophetic symbolism, literal and figurative interpretations, and other helpful resources about Revelation. The Overall, this site provides intellectual information and resources about eschatology that are useful to scholars, students, and knowledge seeking people. (Accessed Nov 17, 2005)
Endtimes Prophecy, submitted by Kristi Smith.
This section of the site if part of a larger website called Straight Talk About God. This site is for a radio station, "Straight Talk About God." It contains information including different prophecies for the end of the world. Contained within the Endtimes section are bits and pieces of radio discussions about the endtime prophecies. Things such as world takeover, new world order, and other endtime prophecies are discussed. The author to this page is unclear, but it does list the name of the radio host as Jack. Most of the shows are mainly about the United Nations and The Middle East. An overview of Daniel and Revelations is given in the contents of this site. The author is more focused on who is going to be the ultimate cause of the end, and what the events will be that ultimately lead to the Armageddon. (Accessed November 19, 2002).
Evangelicaloutreach.org, submitted by Sara Roberts.
Evangelicaloutreach.org is a sight from 1999 run by a group of Christians, led by Dan Corner, who base their beliefs completely on the Bible. "End Times" is a link where topics such as the "pre-tribulation rapture" and the "mark of the beast" attempt to persuade the reader to repent before it is too late. A section entitled "America, Repent!" explains what a sinful nation we have become, and another section describes the ill fates of all other religions besides Christianity and what we can do to avoid the same wrath. Some other features are a quiz with questions such as, "Does God have a sense of humor?", and a strong urging to buy the Left Behind video series. Also, a donation link is provided at the bottom of almost every page for your convenience. (Accessed November 6, 2002)
Final Frontier Home Page, submitted by Michael Lloyd.
Dr. Richard Kent, a medical doctor and vice-chairman of the Marlow Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, authors this evangelistic site on near-death experiences. Upon converting to Christianity and finding many of his acquaintances atheists, he began his ministry using stories of near-death experiences to generate interest. A personal end is likened to the end of the world, since Christian belief holds that a person goes to God for judgment after death. Dr. Kent begins with near-death experiences, concluding with the end of the world, which the title page suggests is 'the Final Frontier.' The articles draw from Biblical text, mostly the New Testament along with Dr. Kent interpretations of the prophecies. The site does not focus solely on the End Times, but a student of eschatology would find this a springboard for researching Christian prophecy. The links page provides a list of Bible resources and the author's contact information. (accessed 18 Nov. 2005)
Four Views of End Times Prophecy, submitted by Kristi Smith.
In this article, four beliefs are being discussed, amillennial, post-tribulational, mid-tribulational, and pre-tribulational. Within each different section, numerous topics are being discussed about end times. The author of this page is Matthew McGee. He basically pulls parts from the bible and describes them. One section you can go to is fulfilled prophecies. This section helps to show that the bible is the word of God. In this section prophecies that have come true are described. The author believes that the bible is one in it's own. He states that no other religion has a book filled with prophecies that come true. Also mentioned in this article is the book of Revelations. Topics such as the seven churches are also discussed. This article is mostly the opinion of McGee, but there is some factual information. (Accessed November 21, 2002).
Fragrances' Prophecy Perspective, submitted by Jennifer Henley.
Qualified author Ron Wallace presents pre-wrath rapture and prophecy from the Bible in "'Fragrances' Prophecy Perspective" the first of five sections and a part of a much larger home page including nine sections on prophecy, and the Bible . This one-sided interpretation is very convincing. Wallace's use of quotes and general knowledge of the Bible is very impressive, but is used for interpretation and supposition. Wallace's interpretation of pre-wrath as a fact in the time of the sixth seal, is very interesting, but allows no room for God's will. His research only supports this theory, and does not give an unbiased opinion which is common for research on prophecy . For further research into Wallace's pre- wrath theory one can return to the home page. (Accessed Feb 22, 1999) (October 30, 2002, December 21, 2005, link updated)
Get Prepared for End Times, submitted by Ashley Judy.
This dark and gloomy web site provides a large amount of information about the Book of Revelation and about the end times in general. Some drawbacks are that it appears to have been created by a young male, the background is black making it difficult to read, and it has very little organization which makes the information hard to find on its seventeen pages. The site's contents are primarily based on Biblical information. It answers three main questions: what will happen during the end times, what are the signs of the end of the world, and how can we prepare for the end. (Accessed November 5, 2002; Site moved, new link updated December 21, 2005).
Great Trumpet Publications. Christian Worker's Bible Research Center, submitted by Adam Duncan
Greattrumpet.org is a web site owned and run by Great Trumpet Publications. The web site is intended for anyone interested in learning more about the bible and bible prophesy. There are numerous places to navigate such as bible study materials, bible prophesy materials and the interactive Revelation chart. Great Trumpet organization sells numerous religious books such as The Truth About Satan and The Truth About Final Things. Site navigators can also listen to Great Trumpet's Cyber broadcast which is a hour long and updated monthly. The fact that this sites is run by an organization makes it a valid site for anyone to use for research or knowledge. (Accessed November 9, 2002)
Heaven's Hope, submitted by Katie O'Neill
This site was created a Christian group that contains information regarding God, creation, end times, and other topics. The author, Bentley Thompson, targets Christians, anyone interested in controversial topics in Christianity, and anyone interested in the Christian apocalyptic views. The purpose of Heaven's hope is to inform the public about God and his plans for the world according to the Bible. The site contains articles on the subjects of the end times, the last days, and natural disasters along with other related topics. These subjects are discussed in articles that contain Bible passages, scientific research, and mainstream Christian ideals. The site discusses the world's problems, such as overpopulation, disease, and pollution, and their solutions. The site creators tell the reader to find a sense of inner peace that is only able to be made through contact with God, which is the ultimate solution. (Accessed Nov 17, 2005)
Homeworship, submitted by Jenny Huang.
Errol Mueller, an independent minister and a Biblical evangelist, uses his beliefs to create a stimulating site that unravel the spiritual mysteries and rearrange them in time-order for easier understanding. He provides information on what the Bible means and explains things including the Great Tribulation and the Seven Bowl Judgments along with information of the Bible Holy Days and Calendar, Holy Day Observance, and Re-Creation of the Earth. There are articles containing cultural issues such as the separation of church and state. This site is designed for the people who are studying or have interest in religion and the Bible. (Accessed 17 November 2004).
The Hundredth Sheep, submitted by Cassandra Morrison
The anonymous, skeptical Christian author, who nevertheless provides contact and biographical information, gives excellent interpretations and different ideas about biblical references to the end of the world on this site written in 2001. Good resources from this site are a doomsday list of many prophecies, both past and future, that have either failed or not happened, yet, and skeptical information about religion and problems with different books of the bible. This site is directed towards doubters to help them resolve biblical questions and/or to get easy to follow biblical information. The site contains lengthy, well written articles, although the wordy format requires patient scrolling to find useful information. (accessed 9 December 2005)
Introduction to the Book of Revelation, submitted by Joshua Baker
This website can be found by navigating through the homepage of Bible Prophecy News. The site has an anonymous author but is sponsored by Bible Prophecy News. Bible Prophecy News is a website dedicated to bringing their audience world news which fulfills bible prophecy. The title of the site is quite appropriate, because the website is devoted to explaining the Book of Revelation. The purpose of the site is to educate the viewer on the importance, relevance, and interpretation of the Book of Revelation. The site details the symbolism of the book, the keys to understanding prophecy, and the structure of Revelation. The site is intended for anyone interested in the Book of Revelation, and in particular anyone who is just beginning to study the Book of Revelation. The site is recommended to anyone interested in revelations and is easily navigable throughout. (Accessed November 11, 2002; Link now goes to a Bible search engine).
Introduction To Messianic Eschatology, submitted by Michelle Greiner
Self-satisfied Ken Biderman never states his credentials, yet he claims that all Christian beliefs up to this point have been wrong. This source is only as reliable as Biderman's opinion. His purpose in writing this article seems to be to gain followers to his beliefs; he's looking for anyone willing to adopt a new frame of thought. Instead of offering his beliefs as another possibility, Biderman claims his is the only correct way. He concludes that humanity is falling victim to false prophets and doctrines and implies that institutions teach doctrines that are corrupt. If one wished to know more about Biderman's views, one could check the four other articles under the heading "Messianic End Times Prophecy or Messianic Eschatology." [accessed 12 Oct. 1997, The site moved to http://www.nettally.com/septuagint/. Site no longer available December 21, 2005.)
Interpreting the Book of Revelation, submitted by Cassandra Morrison
Dennis Bratcher, a member of a global and ecumenical ministry, The Voice, gives his views and interpretations on the Book of Revelation, the rapture, and doomsday prophets on this site last updated in 2005. This site is intended to provide growing Christians with biblical and theological resources. The site contains theoretical information and interpretations of Dennis Bratcher and the ministry he is involve in. A few articles that are significant to the end of the world are Interpreting the Book of Revelation, The Rapture: Truth or Speculation, and Doomsday Prophets: Biblical Views on the future. The site provides different insights about the bible in an easy to use, well organized format. The reliability of this site depends on whether or not a person shares the same views as Bratcher. (accessed 9 December 2005)
Key Prophecy Articles, submitted by Joshua Baker
This is a site located within the Lamb and Lion Ministries homepage. The site provides the viewer with a complete list of prophecy articles written by Dr. David R. Reagan, a graduate of The University of Texas and the recipient of graduate degrees from Tufts and Harvard University. Reagan is the senior Evangelist for Lamb and Lion Ministries. The purpose of the site is to educate the viewer on certain prophecies and the end times. Each article gives an in-depth evaluation on topics such as, the return of the Messiah, the importance of Bible prophecy, and living for Christ during the end times. The site is intended for anyone interested in biblical prophecy, the return of Christ, and living in the end times. The site is highly recommended and easy to navigate from article to article. (Accessed November 9, 2002; link updated December 21, 2005).
Last Trump Ministries. Two reviews of the earlier and later versions of their website.
The End Times Christian, submitted by Jessica Bailey.
Last Trump Ministries provides an aid for those who want to know more about what the Bible states about the end of the world. This website has an extensive list of links including information on survival, Post Tribulation, Sights in the Heavens, Other Ministries, New Born's Links, News Releases and Newsletters. The End-Times Blood Bath is a book that is available through this site for free. This website is strictly an informative site and does not have any gimmicks or commercial restraints. L.T.M's focus and aim is to spread the prophecies of the Bible concerning the end of the world. (Accessed November 8, 2004)
Last Trump Ministries submitted by Nathan Hedin
Written by Robert J. Logston of Last Trump Ministries, this site adamantly supports the Post-Tribulation Rapture of Christians. Feeling it's his mission "to expose the deception of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture," Logston has written The End Times Blood Bath, which is available for purchase at the site. Logston's credentials are unavailable, although he does provide an email address for communication. Using Biblical references like I Corinthians 15:52, Logston briefly defends a Rapture "at the last trump." Finally, a list of internet links to other Post-Tribulation sites are given, as well as site for Tribulation preparedness (both spiritual and physical). The audience is mainly intended for the skeptical or Pre-Tribulation Christian. Brevity and lack of accreditation decrease the authority of this site, although several of the links provide more in-depth and objective Tribulation discussions. (Accessed on 12 Oct 1997; December 19, 2004: See the updated website at The End Times Christian)
Millennium, submitted by Sammie Evans.
Dr. J. Dominguez has dedicated his life to converting people to Christianity. One of his sites, titled Millennium, specifically addresses what the Bible says about the end of the world. He goes into great detail about the contents of the Book of Revelation, giving a very thorough outline of the events which John claims will occur. He explains his interpretation of Revelation, breaking down the information and only supplying the basics, but also backing up what he says with the scriptures from the Bible. He writes very simply, making it easy to follow, with his main focus on stressing to viewers how important it is to convert, which he believes will save them from death and destruction. (Accessed November 11, 2007)

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