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Preparing for End Times, submitted by Ryan Turner.
From Old Testament prophecy to the Second Coming of Christ, Clay Watts provides an excellent set of essays concerning the End Times. Although the work is, by his own admission, casual, his credibility as an author is clear. Watts' overarching purpose in writing these essays is to help individuals prepare for the End Times through an objective analysis and discussion of the Old and New Testament prophecies. Watts endeavors to reconcile the many conflicting beliefs and contradictions concerning the End Times, and further warns of the interpretive pitfalls of reading Bible passages outside of their proper context. The author conveniently breaks down the site's content into easily digestible answers to the specific concerns of each unique reader. Despite the site's poor navigation and nonsensical use of HTML, the site is reasonably up to date, and is marked by a determination to present the End Times in a manageable fashion. (Accessed November 5, 2002)
Prophecy-Center, submitted by Matt Willson.
Prophecy Center offers an interpretation, although slightly slanted, of the Apocalypse of St. John. The site is intended for Christians who already have firm belief in the bible. The interpretation isn't complete, only reaching the sixth seal and is very narrow, but the author decided to add actual quotes from Revelations to back the ideas presented. The site is easily accessible and orderly; however, the author is not mentioned. The site also offers some other related topics on their toolbar and links section. Of special interest is an outline that analyzes the first half of "the seven year tribulation." The final part of the site worth taking a look at is the "resources" on the toolbar. Ranging from depictions and charts of the underworld, to actual recordings of hell, the links are worth looking at whether you are actually a true believer. (Reviewed 2002 ; Link updated 20 December 2005)
Preterist Archive of Fulfilled Eschatology, submitted by J.P. Russell
This site created by Todd Dennis is an extremely in depth look at preterist ideas about the end of the world. Preterist eschatology is the belief, commonly through study of the Bible, that the end has already happened and we are the ones who were left behind. The entire site is really well done, with a lot of information on the different religious aspects of the end. The site is generally Christian, because preterist beliefs are usually connected with Christianity. It is fairly easy to navigate, though it tends to be a little bit cluttered with information. If you're looking for a lot of interesting information on different aspects of the Apocalypse this is a great site. (Accessed 4 Dec 2005)
Prophecy Central,submitted by Alex Habay
Edited by Pastor Ron Graff of the Solid Ground Church, this is a collaboration of news articles and scripture references dealing with Biblical prophecy. The primary basis of the information presented is evangelical and pre-tribulational. Links are included that do not share those views, which are noted. It gives information on all forms of prophecy and the challenges of translating. The website is directed towards Christians, using the bible as the key source of reference. The articles are descriptive at first, describing what has happened, and then analyzed about their relevance to biblical prophecy. The stories are updated daily, showing a wide array of worldly happenings related to the prophecies described in the bible. The site has accumulated various awards over the years, including a top 100 sites award from WorthyNews.com, a Britannica Internet guide award, and was honored by Internet for Christians numerous times over the past several years. (Accessed Nov 17, 2005)
Prophecy Now, submitted by Jill Richards
Writing for a general audience, authors Zack and Mercy Powell's intent is not to frighten or give the impression that they believe the end of the world is near. In this effective site they intend to bring to light the fact that the prophecies in the bible are rapidly being fulfilled. They do this by conducting their research around current world events and correlating these occurrences to the Bible's prophecies. These events include: one world government, the antichrist, pornography and sex shops, President Clinton, earthquakes, el Nino, and China. Although they are still in the process of constructing their site, there is a range of sub-pages including: new news, book reviews, government cover -ups, satan's fall, and the tribulation. (Accessed March 2, 1999; Link no longer available 2005)
Prophecy Truths, submitted by Rob Bartell
This web site deals with prophecies of the Bible which host Roy A. Reinhold believes will come true. The page contains a great number of persuasive articles written by numerous authors. Reinhold's purpose is to educate the online user so that a better understanding of these prophecies can be reached. Although Reinhold's credentials are not discussed, these is a wide variety of interesting articles which include: Similarities between the Rapture and Rosh Hashanah, WWIII, the Antichrist and a prophetic vision of George Washington. (Reviewed 1999)
Prophecy Update, submitted by Charles Yeomans.
Prophecy Update offers the latest on Bible prophecy and how world events change and affect this prophecy. It is a collaboration of authors. Significant headlines in world events are given broken down into days and by prophecy. It also gives a prophecy guide to end times signs. A similar page is "Warning Signs" that links to other end times sites. A breakdown verse for verse of the book of Revelation and interpretations of the book of Daniel and the Gospel of John are provided. This site would interest anyone who is trying to predict the end or would like to try to connect current events with how they could possibly affect the end. (Accessed November 12, 2004)
Revelation, submitted by Jessica Bailey.
This website, by Ross A. Taylor, English physicist, offers in-depth interpretations of the Book of Revelation, directed predominantly towards other Christians. The site gives an explicit break down of each chapter of Revelation, articles on prophecy and eschatology of varying lengths provided by Taylor and other authors, an extremely long list of commentaries, and at least 45 links related and unrelated to Revelation. It is possible to order materials such as books and audio tapes relating to the end times. The most helpful portion of this lengthy site is a search engine. (Accessed November 8, 2004)
Revelation Ready, submitted by Andrew McAdams.
"Revelation Ready" is a site that has thorough and well researched by Jerry Cesario. It contains a biweekly documentary magazine dealing with religious topics. The site addresses various interpretations for each passage of Revelation and is updated biweekly. "Revelation Ready's" importance revolves around its fresh views of these passages. It adds a new perspective to an often heated debate. The site is based completely on Christian theology. Revelation Ready is easy to navigate with a main page, with all the sub-pages branching off from it. A links page is also included. (Accessed November 23, 2002)
Roses from Heaven. Submitted by Alyson Lightner
Roses in Heaven, is a site set up to arise awareness of the apparitions, prophecies and visions of Veronica Lueken. The page is derived from a Catholic Newsletter, and Frank Albas is the Editor/ Publisher. Lueken was supposedly spoken to by the holy Virgin Mary, and given details about the end of the world. Along with details of the coming of the Lord, the site also claims to have miraculous Polaroid pictures taken at the Bayside vigil grounds where Veronica was spoken to. Such photos are said to be proof of the power of the vigil. Informational links to topics on Comet Lee, The war in Kosovo, and how to fulfill the Divine Will also provide other predictions about the end of the world. The Roses from Heaven site is meant for those who have faith. Without faith, no one can even fathom the prophecies of the coming of the Lord. (Accessed December 9, 1999)
Satan's Rapture: Official Site for Escape 666: Bible Prophecy Revealed, submitted by Ian Brost.
The Escape 666: Bible Prophecy Revealed is an incredibly busy website. There are marquees, flashy colors, and huge fonts. The opening sound clip grabs your attention right away. It is an announcement of what may happen in the future with the Anti-Christ in power. The site is very extensive, although it definitely could be organized better. Henry Walther, the author of the site, has not attended any bible colleges; the basis for his information is from twenty years of private study. This website is designed to spread Walther's Church of Philadelphia-Internet's beliefs. Escape 666 has a plethora of pages pertaining to the apocalypse with the inclusion of what he thinks will happen under the reign of the Anti-Christ. Walther lists current events that he thinks deals with the End. His ideas are very radical and over the top. A traditional Christian would not find this site useful at all. (Accessed 12 December 2005)
The Second Coming of Christ, submitted by David Egan.
This site was created by Steve D. Pardue. He is an avid Christian who wants to share his religious beliefs with others. The purpose of his webpage is to inform people about the second coming of Jesus Christ and how to prepare for it. The site provides information about the different ways that Jesus will return to the earth such as, "with thunder and lightning and "like a thief in the night." It also presents information regarding the antichrist and its many biblical descriptions. The author portrays strong feelings against Islam and terrorism, with modern day interpretations that the Quran is Satan's bible and that the devil is trying to conquer the world through Islam. Anyone interested in modern day interpretations about the antichrist, the Middle East, and terrorism should visit this site. Although it is poorly designed it does have a large range of extremely interesting ideas and interpretations. (Accessed 31 December 2007)
Seventh Trumpet, submitted by Melissa Kolson
Carl Ludwigson of Seventh Trumpet Ministries preaches acceptance of Christ as the Savior as a way to avoid the Tribulation. In his "News and Views of the Last Days" he offers a close reading of Biblical prophecy, a timeline of Revelation, and a study of the Old Testament. Nuclear weaponry and the tensions in the Middle East are presented as a fulfillment of John's prophecy, and "Postmodern despair" is made into a sign of the Apocalypse. Beyond this, little attempt is made to connect current events with prophecy. The close readings of Biblical passages are valuable, but Ludwigson assumes his audience already agrees with him and so some of his arguments are insufficiently supported. (Accessed March 11, 1999)
Sign Ministries
This is an older Evangelical group dedicated to defining, defending, and declaring the prewrath rapture, now officially merged with its parent ministry Sola Scriptura. They have an endtimes timetable and other study guides on the End Times - Eschatology page. (Accessed October 30, 2002)
Time, Prophecy and Chronology, submitted by Aaron Andreaco.
The information included in this web site consists of a complete edition of John Denton's book Time Prophecy and Chronology, which gives a personal and biased account of God's 8000 year plan for mankind. Denton, a historical businessman, does not seem to be the most credible author on the subject, even though he bases his time calculations on a great deal of mathematical mumbo jumbo. Historical accounts of prophetic groups and their leaders, such as William Miller, are also given in this website, along with information about how Miller and others derived their dates for the end of the world. The publication of Denton's book came from his own resources, and it seems that the purpose of this website is to make his views more accessible or anyone willing to read them. (Accessed 10 October, 1997 Link updated 20 December 2005)
Tomorrow's World, submitted by Mitchell Minerd
Tomorrow's World is an organization that broadcasts a biweekly television show, publishes a magazine and free booklets. Biblical scholars publish their interpretations on the site which gives insight into Christian life. They tackle hard questions such as are you "prepared for the end?" and "World Government coming soon: What will it be like?" Tomorrow's World's function is to educate people about the Bible's teachings and prophecies. Books are published on the site regarding issues paramount to understanding Christian prophecy. The site also contains information pertaining to prophetic events and how they should be interpreted. The evangelizing organization's focus is to teach Christians and non Christians to understand the Bible and its prophecies. The site is geared more towards young and mature adults due to the subject matter and abstract ideas. The Tomorrow's World organization put together a solid site backed up through a conglomerate interpretation of the Bible. (accessed 17 November 2005)
TwiceSpeak, submitted by Christopher Hallam.
Fourth Angel Ministries Christian group led by Tom Van Asperen believes that he has discovered the secret of the Seven Seals hypothesized to be last day encrypted languages. Mr. Asperen has decoded one of the languages, and is now selling his findings to the general public through radio, lectures, audiotapes, videotapes, and books. This discovery will divulge secrets regarding the end of the world including the secret hiding spot that will allow life to continue, and also the identity of the beast and the antichrist. Inclusive to the site are audio samplings that demonstrate certain examples of TwiceSpeak and how to use it. According to the Fourth Angel Ministries the information found on this site would allow one to understand, predict and avert the end of the world. (Accessed March 14, 1999; site not available October 30, 2002)
[Editor's note, October 30, 2002: A news article by Bill Stough COG members, others, preparing to flee from The Journal, written on April 30, 1999, indicates that this group was intending to flee the country to a refuge in Belize.
What Holds the Universe Together?, submitted by Dave Shellenbarger.
In Lamber Dolphin's article, a biblical explanation of the forces binding the universe is set forth. A physicist at Stanford University, Dolphin's web page is the result of his time spent in primitive network programming. The purpose of his homepage is to provide a Christian ministry to his readers in the from of his own personal articles. This article explains how everything, from atoms to the universe, is held together by the power of God. He makes his argument by applying information from the field of quantum physics to biblical interpretations of God as the universal creator and controller. His arguments are supported by biblical references and passages from well known authors. The site provides a well supported Christian perspective on the subjects covered. (accessed 23 Oct 1997)
WARNING: 666 is Coming!, submitted by Matt LaConte
Terry Watkins submitted "WARNING: 666 is Coming!" for the Christian fundamentalist society Dial-the-Truth Ministries; even without credentials it is obvious that the author is well versed in the Bible and uses quotes from such sources as Newsweek and Time Magazine to support his claims. The purpose of this article is to inform the public that the governments of the world are actually maniacal puppets of Satan and to offer salvation. One of the main focuses of the article that keeps it captivating is an interesting relationship between UPC codes and the number of the beast: 666. (Accessed March 15, 1999)
Watcher Two different sites: Watcher Ministries and a U.K. group known as the Watcher.
Watcher Website, submitted by Julie Agostinelli.
This website was created by David Flynn, an investigator of the "Mars/Earth connection" who studies ancient science and mythology. His purpose is to establish a biblical connection between mars and earth. Flynn believes that Cairo is the "city of mars" and that the pyramids were constructed as monuments to Cydonia, an "ancient martian civilization." Flynn has written articles about UFOs, the antichrist, cydonians, biblical references to aliens, and much more. Interestingly, he believes Daniel was referring to an invasion by martians in when he speaks of an alien god will take over and that the [cydonians] are the Gods of the Bible." According to his ancient maps of the world and geometric puzzles, Flynn's calculations state that the end of the world will occur on winter solstice in 2012. Anyone who is looking for an alternative Biblical prophecy interpretation or who rely on astrology would be interested in this site. (Accessed November 29, 2004)
Watcher, submitted by Emily Rich.
This site was created in November of 2004 and provides profound passages from the Bible that prophesize the coming of aliens to the planet who will claim to be fallen angels. This site informs civilization that these "beings" have been here since the beginning of time. This site also shows how the Bible has clearly warned us against these other "gods", or followers of the Antichrist. The authors of this website, David and Brenda Flynn, are both authors of multiple books and their research has been featured on several different television shows. This website includes links about the antichrist, angels and aliens, and Lucifer, which are very easy to navigate. Overall, it is a great source for research about the end of the world and angels. (Accessed November 2, 2004)
Apocalypse 2000 also known as Watcher Website Conspiracy Files & End Time Prophecy. submitted by Justin Doak.
Corporate author, Watcher Ministries, a pro-Christian organization, has developed a site that associates phenomenological occurrences, new age forecasts, and conspiracy theories with Biblical end time prophecies. The site encompasses such topics as alien sightings, astrological relevancy and pyramidal conspiracy, exhibiting a correlation of their content with Biblical phrases. This large site offers explicit explanations that provide sufficient basis for understanding their extreme beliefs. Other interesting topics include signs of the coming Antichrist, the Gog War, and Babylonian mysteries. Multitudes of articles covering an enormous range of topics are linked to this page, as well as links to Amazon.com, where published books covering these topics may be purchased. The networks of links within this site are extensive and efficiently designed; however, ample reading time is required for a good understanding. (Accessed March 15, 1999; site unavailable October 30, 2002)
UFOs, Aliens & Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception, submitted by Nathan Hedin
This well-written and thoroughly researched site is maintained by Watcher Ministries, though the authors' names are not clearly stated. Links to other websites increase the ministry's credibility by providing support to their theories. The main thrust of this website is to make the connection between the paranormal (i.e., UFOs, crop markings, etc.) and the Bible. It follows two major assumptions: (1)all paranormal activity is indeed real and not a fabrication & (2)since all paranormal activity is real, it can be logically explained by the Bible. This includes connecting demons and UFOs, Satan and Mars, and asserting that the Great Flood was not brought on by the immoral behavior of mankind itself, but aliens who were corrupting the human race. The overall conclusion is drawn that the increase in UFOs, alien abductions, and the like provides evidence that the countdown to the Apocalypse has begun. (accessed on 12 Oct 1997)
The Watcher - God Does Exist, submitted by Jessica Cooter.
This website is designed as a study of the end times and the bible. The unknown author gives extensive background on the antichrist as well as the end times as described in revelations. His interpretations of biblical text are quite literal and there is a plethora of information on the different sections of the book of revelations. The site goes through the seven seals and the signs of the end times quite extensively, not only relying on the book of revelations but on the entire bible. In addition to these biblical reflections there are also articles that tie current events to biblical prophesy. This is a good site for someone who is trying to get a brief overview of the bible and the beliefs of Christians. The author has information on a number of different topics in addition to those about the end times, including creation and hell. (Accessed November 12, 2004)
Visions of the Apocalypse. Submitted by Kristin Albert.
Although this site is maintained by the International Bible Society (IBS), it is more entertainment oriented than informative. The site attracts people fascinated by the end of the world with its 10 "books" on the apocalypse. Each book combines selected text from the Book of Revelations with breath-taking portrayals of the described scenes. These pictures are bright, imaginative, intriguing-and in some cases eerie-visions that do their best to depict the word of God. The page also offers a free "Visions of the Apocalypse" screen saver that is just as captivating. If you are looking for explanations or different theories about the end of the world, this site is not for you. However, if you are a fan of the Book of Revelations or interested in physical representations of the end of the world, then this site will provide you with some truly eye-catching material. (Accessed 23 November 1999).
What Does Bible Prophecy Tell Us About the Time of the End? , submitted by Jennifer Parry.
This is a site dedicated to the online booklet, Are We Living in the End of Times?. The booklet was written by Mario Seiglie in 1999 and is supported by the 2004 United Church of God, an International Association. It explores what prophets of old, Jesus Christ, and His apostles prophesized about the end of the world. The booklet gives detailed interpretations of prophecies, scenarios, and preparations. It considers current issues, and concentrates on increasing troubles to help clarify the significance of world events and developments. The site is easily accessible and contains useful information about the end of the world from a religious point of view. (Accessed November 29, 2004)
What Presbyterians Believe, January / February 1999: The End of the World. Submitted by Jen Keegan
This website was created by the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America. The author of this text, W. Eugene March comes from an academic background and is familiar with the beliefs and teachings of the Presbyterian Church. The purpose of this website is to address what Presbyterians believe about the end of the world. The first part of this text examines how the Presbyterian Church has historically responded to different beliefs about the end of the world. The author then focuses on what Presbyterians believe about God and challenges other points of view on the end of the world. Finally, Mr. March addresses ways in which Presbyterians should prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. This website would be a good reference for people studying different religious perspectives on the end of the world and followers of the Presbyterian faith. (Article dated Jan/Feb 1999; aAccessed November 23, 1999; link updated 20 December 2005)
What Saith the Scripture, submitted by Matt Hogya
According to this website, the scripture says "Jesus is almost here; He is even at the door." This website's authors, Kathleen and Thomas Stewart, attempt to explain many of the passages found in the Bible. The authors do not advertise any particularly outstanding credentials, but a few minutes of browsing shows they offer a wealth of knowledge. This site is a fantastic resource that can be easily navigated. Designed with the intent of educating, the site offers many various sections. Each section contains extensive reading on that particular subject, as the website's authors have posted countless articles. Each article is presented in a similar structure, but some are more difficult to read than others. If the end of the world interests you, the articles contained in the section on "Prophecy" are plentiful. This website leans very heavily upon Christian beliefs, so non-Christian predictions and/or beliefs can not be found here. (Accessed 8 December 2004)

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