666 and the mark of the beast., submitted by Chris Mylan.
The website is all about the big 666 and the mark of the beast that is to come. The site provides a description of what possible marks will be used to categorize human beings when judgment time comes. This website is broken down into four separate categories. The categories are: Mark of the beast, truth left behind, white horse media, and 666 mark of the beast. Steve Wohlberg uses his book Truth Left Behind to analyze the possibilities of the mark by using references from the book of revelations to justify his points in the book and the points that are also on the website. The page overall has a good source of information. Organization is lacking a little bit in this page the site seems to go on forever. (Accessed 31 December 2007)
Antichrist, submitted by Isabel Abrams
Although there is no doubt that Reverend Barry Gritters has much knowledge regarding the Antichrist, his website is lacking in many ways. First of all, its one page design drags the reader through. Secondly, there is no contact information for the author (Rev. Barry Gritters). However, despite these shortcomings, the site still provides useful information for anyone concerned with the Antichrist. Within the page, Gritters discusses the identity of the Antichrist to the certain world destruction caused by the Antichrist. The religious apocalyptic undertone in this site is very apparent. Everything said in this site is directly interpreted from the Bible. Despite the horrors of the end of the world for the sinners, Gritters still manages to remind everyone else of the happier side of the situation. Although the non-believers will burn in hell, everyone else who does not follow the Antichrist will be happy in heaven. (Accessed 31 December 2007)
Antichrist Revealed by End Times Bible Prophecy, submitted by James Rodems.
The author of the information on this site has done their homework. They have laid out everything plain and simple. Although there is no single author name, there is an address and an e-mail link for questions and concerns. From the given information, the author is true to their word, and backs it up well with in-depth explanations. This webpage is about showing how the Antichrist is described in the Bible. It helps define "what is the Antichrist," and puts it into layman's terms that we call all comprehend easily. This is not a page shouting out how and when the world is going to end. It does not tell you how to prepare or what we can do about it. The page simply explains what is already in front of you: the text of the Bible. It is concise and down to the point. (Accessed November, 5, 2002)
Profile of the Antichrist, submitted by Ashley Judy.
This Antichrist site provides a detailed description of what the word "Antichrist" means as well as a description of how we can assume the Antichrist will appear and act. Using several quotes and references from the Bible, the site contributes information about the Antichrist including his people, the Church that will restrain him, his mortal wound, his common names from the Old and New Testaments, his false prophet, and the mark of the beast. This site will gives a good idea about what the Antichrist is, and there are a few links provided by the site where more information can be found. (Accessed November 5, 2002).
WARNING: 666 is Coming!, submitted by Matt LaConte
Terry Watkins submitted "WARNING: 666 is Coming!" for the Christian fundamentalist society Dial-the-Truth Ministries; even without credentials it is obvious that the author is well versed in the Bible and uses quotes from such sources as Newsweek and Time Magazine to support his claims. The purpose of this article is to inform the public that the governments of the world are actually maniacal puppets of Satan and to offer salvation. One of the main focuses of the article that keeps it captivating is an interesting relationship between UPC codes and the number of the beast: 666. (Accessed March 15, 1999)
Who is the Antichrist?, submitted by Jessica Widmer.
This article is a derivative of the One Way Only webpage providing links such as salvation that teach beliefs of this organization. Timothy A. Southall writes this article to clarify differences between the Antichrist and the beast mentioned in Revelation. He describes the Antichrist and concerns to have about him in the future. His detailed writings clarify particular scriptures and draw attention to work usage such as the difference between "Antichrist" and "beast." The author concludes that the Antichrist and the beast represent two different concepts in the Bible. He suggests there are many "Antichrists" among us today. The author warns that we must watch for the coming of the beast, and reject the Antichrist among us today. Hyperlinks to particular websites that provide quoted Bible verses explaining concepts discussed by the author are included. (Accessed March, 1, 1999).
The Truth About Hell, submitted by Aimee Cammarata
Terry Watkins works in affiliation with a religious organization entitled Dial-The-Truth Ministries to extend a frightening message to the entire human race. Through various interpretations found within the Bible and beyond, he warns about hell by describing the terrifying torment and never ending pain that can be expected. He intends to provoke religious thought among those who have not let Jesus into their hearts or who have not found God, assuming that they will be directly sent to hell. He emphatically stresses that there is hope and a possibility of being spared the agony of hell. It is up to each individual person to decide his or her fate. In a seemingly generous attempt to save the soul, he includes instructions that should be followed, ultimately resulting in salvation. Without much concrete evidence, he is clearly trying to persuade visitors to follow the beliefs of his organization. (Accessed March 1, 1999)
Antichrist, submitted by Aaron Andreaco
At first, this web site seems like a regular and unbiased explanation of the catholic views of the Antichrist and the number 666, taken from the Catholic Encyclopedia. Towards the bottom of the page, however, is a clearly biased attack on these views by Michael Scheiler, the author of the "Bible Light Homepage". Scheiler's rather paranoid idea that the catholic church and the Antichrist are related is not explicitly stated, but he bases his opinion on passages from the Bible. The two links found in this web page lead to two different destinations. The first link goes to the entire volume of the Catholic Encyclopedia., and the second goes to Scheiler's homepage. Scheiler purposely make this web page accessible to anyone who punches in the keyword "Antichrist", so that his attack on the Catholic Church could be made public. (last accessed on October 22, 1997) (unavailable on Feb 22, 1999)
How to Identify the Antichrist, submitted by Jennifer Lorenzen
This anonymous, philosophical site, listing only "Bible Revelations" as a source, weakly attempts to influence its readers into accepting "Yahshuah" as the one, true God. The author does not intend to sway the opinions of those who are not believers in a western religion, but instead speaks to the many different factions of Christianity. Assumptions are based on poorly explained Bible verses, and questionable conclusions are reached, including that believing Yahshuah is God who came in the flesh will keep a person safe from false prophets. Most questions that the author poses in the subtitles are left unanswered. The site does, however, include a link to a review of the book, Jerusalem- Final Countdown to Armageddon, which supposedly answers many of these same questions. (accessed October 16, 1997)
Bible Revelations: How to Identify the Anti-Christ!, submitted by Jennifer Lorenzen, revised by Victoria Pless.
This website, published by anonymous authors through Bible Revelations, gives a lot of opinionated information about different parts of the Bible. In particular, there is an extensive yet shaky webpage on preparing oneself for the coming of the Antichrist, and accepting the "Yahshuah" as the one, true God. The author mainly focuses the attention on those in the audience who are members of any Christian division. No stable conclusions are reached and questions posed are left unanswered by the author. However, there is a link to the book Jerusalem- Final Countdown to Armageddon, which is reviewed and is said to give light to the unanswered questions. There are links in the article and at the end of the article that lead to other articles on the website that could help in this argument by giving "recommended additional reading." (Accessed 2 November 2010)
The Beast, submitted by Daren Morgante
Author Rev. Kenneth L. Gentry Jr., Th.D, takes a conservative preterist position and comes to the conclusion that there is biblical and historical reason to believe that the beast in Revelations is Nero. Scholarly and well-written, this article is Rev. Gentry's personal conclusions on who the Beast/Antichrist in Revelations is, in the comparison to historical events. After dismissing a number of historical figures, Genrty's shows his process of choosing Nero Claudius Ceasar in a clear and extremely thorough manner, using passages from Revelations and historical documentation. Directed toward people interested in the First Presbyterian Church of North Port, Gentry unquestionably proves his point through extensive research. This article would aide in research of aspects of Revelations, along with a understanding on the study of the Beast. (Accessed November 6, 1997) (Site not available Feb 25, 1999)
[29 October 2002 Editor's Note. A revised edition of Kenneth Gentry's Beast of Revelation was published in 2002 and is available from Armageddon Books. Gentry's remarks are also included in the Preterist Archive. ]

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