Apocalyptic Rock

The Sex Pistols were there first. In 1977, Johnny Rotten proclaimed "I am the antichrist i am an anarchist" in Anarchy in the U.K..
To get you started, here's The Sex Pistols Unofficial Homepage, a Johnny Rotten Web Page and a fine obituary of Sid Vicious from the website on Jeff Pike's book Death of Rock 'n' Roll (Feb 25 1999 not available).
Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar
So you want to talk about Marilyn Manson? List of links to Marilyn Manson sites on the web. (Accessed October 29, 2002).
Visit Marilyn Manson's Church of Antichrist Superstar, although apparently, merely clicking on the page damns your soul.
Apokalypsis is a very thoughtful and scholarly essay by Paula O'Keefe on traditional end-of-the-world material and how it relates to MM's anti-christian mission. This essay reproduced on this site.)

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