Admittedly, there are many apocalyptic websites that skeptics and atheists would find laughable, but listed here are the intentionally humorous and parodic.

George Bush is the AntiChrist, submitted by Jennifer Knapp.
This site boasts definitive evidence that the U.S. president will bring about the end of Earth. The unknown author infrequently updates the site,whose creating dates back to at least 1998. He offers a disclaimer saying that his page is not intended to sway opinion, it's just there for humor. While this is not the page to go to if serious discussion of the end times is desired, it is a entertaining site to check out. Nearly anyone who knows of President Bush would get a kick out of the author's analysis of the leader of the free world, but the site probably would not strike a favorable chord among Republicans and other Bush supporters. For those out there that enjoyed "George W. Bush is the AntiChrist," viewing another of the author's sites, Bush Dances will undoubtedly clear up any misconceptions of his opinion towards President Bush. (Accessed November 3, 2002)
Barney is the Antichrist, submitted Dixon Starz.
Subatomic Humor, submitted by Nick DeSanzo
Paul Mather's intention is to create humor about the end of the world crisis. Aimed at a general audience, Mather discusses the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (death, war, famine, and pestilence). He feels death is the most famous because he gets the role of the Ghost of Christmas Future in most Scrooge films. War is the second famous, but also the grumpiest because people always tease him. "War! What is it good for! Absolutely nothing...!" Famine is just a bummer, and pestilence is a loser. Mather says that pestilence is like the fourth Ghostbuster. Obviously this description of the four horsemen does not compare to the true meaning, but in all reality does anyone really know. There are links to Paul Mather's home page and the subatomic humor home page for anyone who is interested. (Accessed February 28, 1999)
David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist, And I have the proof, submitted by Sarah Knopp.
Warren S. Apel, obviously not a fan of David Hassellhoff, provides a clean, humorous, and sometimes ridiculous description on why David Hasselhoff is the Antichrist by playing with many aspects of his name as well as giving information on how David characterizes symbols in Revelation. For instance, he takes David's name and rearranges the letters to say "fad of devil's hash" and also uses numerology to make his name equal out to 666. He claims that symbols in Revelation, like the Beast in 13:1 refer to David, as well as other descriptions of the Antichrist. No justifications are given for the conclusions reached, but other website connections are given concerning David Hasselhoff and Baywatch haters that may provide further information. (New address, accessed March 28, 1999)
Number of the Beast: 666 Humor
Part of the Access New Age website. (Accessed December 22, 2005)
Y1K News release.
Y-Zero-K. Astonishing ancient correspondance unearthed!

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