New Sites - Fall, 2010

Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards, submitted by Lauren Schricker.
This website, created by the NASA Ames Research Center, aims to inform users about NEOs (Near-Earth-Objects) such as asteroids and comets and their potential collisions with the Earth. The FAQ gives a brief but informative overview of NEOs and the sort of damage an impact could cause, as well as explains how NASA locates and tracks NEOs and what could be done in the case of a potential impact. A catalog of NEOs highlights lists of potentially hazardous asteroids and close approaches through the year 2020. The website is aimed toward anyone interested in the study of NEOs; such as students or curious adults looking to learn more or hobbyists who might like to use the catalog to find asteroids. (Accessed 9 November 2010)
CommonDreams, submitted by Max Beal
Commondreams is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Craig Brown and his wife, Lina Newhouser. The couple, who work with many other writers all act as political activists voicing their opinions on change in America, including articles on the end of the world. There are links on the website that lead to Current News, Personal Views, and a Further Articles link which leads a reader to articles written for argument. The Further Articles link is where you would find articles about the end of the world. The website uses bright colors on their titles to draw the readers attention, as well as bolding and expanding their biggest topic. CommonDreams also uses a lot of news videos to appeal to readers. (Accessed November 21,2010)
Common Dreams, submitted by Taylor Endress
This website has various articles that pertain to the environmental apocalypse. There are my links off the home page that discuss the impacts on our planet and various problems around the world. A specifically good article by Geoffery Lean called, Apocalypse Now: How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth, states the simple idea that we as human kind are completely ignoring serious problematic signs given to us by the environment. Another article, Crimes Against Nature is about the various problems that the Bush administration refused to take control of. George W Bush was stated as the United States' worst environmental president in its history. This website has a lot of articles that also do not concern the environmental apocalypse therefore you must sort through the articles. Although the website does not only contain articles on the environmental apocalypse does not mean that it is illegitimate. (accessed 22 November 2010)
Common Dreams, submitted by DJ Vickers
On this website, articles are gathered to explore different environmental, political, and humanitarians issues present in the world today. The website's main focus is to keep people who visit the website informed about important issues in the world today. The website encourages political activism, more specifically, activism towards issues like human rights and stopping Global Climate change. The various articles are submitted by its readers, so credibility is difficult to determine. This website has a few articles referring to an "Environmental Apocalypse," suggesting that the website as a whole believes that Global Climate Change is a dire issue. The main goal of this website is to create a better world, for the people of Earth. Anyone interested in progressive politics and political activism would be interested in checking out this website. Environmental scientists would also be interested in this website, and may even consider submitting articles. (Accessed November 23, 2010)
Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff, submitted by Alexandra Meyer.
Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff is a site devoted to people who are interested in science and technology. One is able to learn more about a cretin topic; there is also a link to ask Dr. Bob questions about science related topics and the information he has on his sight. There are many different links on this page, they include The Death of Our Sun, Lights from Abyss, Hole in the Head, Don't get Bent, Killer Waves, Insect Chemical Warfare, Amazing Ice, Space Shuttle Quick Facts and Mysterious Sliding Boulders. All of these fun topics have to deal with different controversial topics in science. More importantly, some conclude to an environmental apocalypse. (Accessed November 22, 2010)
http://earthfirst.com/7-environmental-problems-that-are-worse-than-we-thought/, submitted by Sarin Patel.
EarthFirst is a website that is dedicated to the latest environmental news. The four authors of this website are passionate about the environment and have a blog on their website to share their opinions. In addition, the site stays up to date on the latest news. The purpose of the website is to inform the audience of environmental issues that the authors think is important for the sake of knowledge. The environment, global warming, energy, green building, pollution, renewable energy, and water are all the environmental issues that are covered on this website. The main portion of this website is devoted to the section called Earthwise which includes environmental news, climate, and Green politics. Anyone who wants to learn more about environmental issues would be interested in this website. This website covers the political, business, and science parts of the environment in a non-biased way.
Global Warming: Early Warning Signs, submitted by Caitlin Sayers.
This site is dedicated to informing the public about the various warning signs of global warming. It groups the different signs into certain categories such as fingerprints and harbingers. This site also provides its audience with a map that shows what it specifically happening with each continent all around the world. This site also does a great job of citing its references and organizations that helped them to produce this cite. Ten organizations actually made this cite. They include Environmental Defense, Natural Resources Defense, Council, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, U.S. Public Interest Research Group, World Resource Institute, and World Wildlife Fund. This site is great for all audiences because of its awesome visuals and persuasive yet accurate information. (Accessed 18 November 2010)
NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council, submitted by Ben Kusserow
Nrdc.org is a website sponsored by the National Resource Defense Council: a non-profit environmental advocacy group. The site never talks about the 'apocalypse,' but it does explain that if we use our resources unwisely that the world will end. The site explores many issues from global warming, to saving endangered species, to promoting 'green energy. Each issue is explored in depth. It also gives advice on how we can help save our resources. NRDC has an extensive news page, reporting/broadcasting many 'environmental' news articles. Along with just informing about issues, they also give tips of how you can personally improve the world around you, be that at home or at work, with their 'green living' and 'green business' pages. The site represents their mission statement pretty well: NRDC's mission is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends. (Accessed November 9, 2010)
World Population Balance , submitted by Rebekah Petroff
As David Bacon, a former employee of this organization, writes, the mission statement of this site includes goals of educating the public on why overpopulation is a threat to society and helping avoid future effects by "…support[ing] a smaller, truly sustainable population." This site includes information on exponential growth, the difficulty of living in a state of extreme poverty, and maps and graphs showing energy consumption and populations by country. In addition to on-site information, the selection of links further explain the causes, effects, possible solutions, and what has been enacted to halt overpopulation. Instead of addressing the catastrophes overpopulation brings, it deals with statistics based on population estimates, staying away from editorial arguments. All in all, this site is adequate for beginning research on one of the possible situations of humanity's downfall. [Accessed November 8, 2010]
World View of Global Warming, submitted by Matthew Deicke
Created by photo journalist Gary Braasch in November 2000, this site features images and commentary, along with news updates, to illustrate the ever growing topic of global warming. Some subtopics of the site include: "Weather" and how the extra energy in our planet's atmosphere results in storms, droughts, floods, and precipitation; "Oceans and Tropics" which discusses change in global climate and its effects marine life; "Temperate Zones" identifies temperature shift in different sections of the globe; and how "Glaciers" are being depleted by global warming and melting away artic animal's homes, giving them no place to live, feed, and repopulate. In addition, the site identifies other environmental tragedies, including topics like the Gulf Oil Spill. Overall, unique imagery persuades the audience about the subject of global warming, and is recommended. (Accessed November 15, 2010)

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