The Rapture

For convenience, these sites devoted primarily to the Rapture have been grouped on this page. However, many of the sites listed under Christian Prophecy advocate and explain the theology of the Rapture.

Rapture Pages, submitted by Jackie Dunkelman
Created by Sheila Busby Sternberg, this website attempts to prepare all people for the apocalypse. Although, Sheila doesn't share her credentials on the website, she obviously has thoroughly researched the apocalypse, specifically focusing on the timing of the Rapture. Sheila concludes that it's impossible to believe that the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation period. Her purpose is to call all people to look into the Bible and struggle with each passage individually. Though the content of the website is very good, the design is lacking and almost interferes with the information being presented. Each page has drastically different color scheme and background, the print is too small and the graphics take away attention from the information being presented. In the end, though, the website is full of valid content discussing when the Rapture will occur. (Accessed November 12, 2004)
Rapture Christ - Endtime Bible Prophecy, submitted by Kasia Pudlewski
This site provides biblical support in order to describe the Rapture and the events leading up to it. Although the author of the site is unclear, there is an e-mail address given for any questions you may have about the site. This site provides quotes and explanations from books such as Jeremiah, Matthew, and John, and it goes into great detail with the Book of Revelation. The site provides information on the signs for the coming of Christ and the final days leading up to the end. It shows Satan's role, addresses the idea of Armageddon, and even provides a Tribulation Timeline derived from biblical data. Furthermore, this site provides a link to an up-to-date newsletter. I strongly recommend this site for anyone looking for biblical data to support the notion of the Rapture. (Last accessed on 4 November 2004)
Rapture Ready submitted by Jennifer Knapp.
This is a site that any devout prophecy watcher will want to follow. Focusing on the biblical aspect of prophecy, author Todd Strandberg says his site provides regularly updated end times material. Updated daily, the "Rapture Ready News" section offers "World news that relates to Bible prophecy." Besides an interpretation of every-day events as they related to Bible prophecy, Strandberg provides his readers with a section explaining, "How to stay out of trouble," a how-to guide of "Oops, I Guess I Wasn't Ready! What to do if you miss the rapture," as well as "The Post Rapture Survival Guide." In "Who is this Joker?" Strandberg mentions only his faith and reasons for starting, Rapture Ready, he never mentions any credentials. This site is for those who share Strandberg's strict Catholic beliefs as well as those who want to know how to prepare just in case he's right. (Accessed November 5, 2002)
The Rapture, submitted by Jackie Morgenstern.
Rick Reinckens begins to explain the Rapture with biblical passages while answering frequently asked questions regarding the end times. The biases of the page are hard to find because this organizational page is clearly Christian based without an actual argument. A person looking for a Christian perspective of the rapture would be able to use this page as its information is consistent through history so far and does not need to be updated. If new information were to be revealed, Reinckens would update his site as the other links are updated and accurate. The linking sites are informative and give definitions of terms that may not be very familiar to a non Christian. Overall, the site is very organized and easy to navigate. No programs are required to access the site as it is just web based. (Accessed November 5, 2002)
The Rapture, submitted by Jackie Morgenstern
A constantly updated page by the All About God Ministries explains the end times form a Christian perspective and has a Christian bias as they are clearly firm believers in God. Information included in this page is both background information by Bible verses and historical evidence of earthquakes that could lead to the rapture. The information seems to be well researched while the purpose of the website is to allow people to understand the rapture clearly. There are links that allow a person with little knowledge to understand what the words and phrases mean. The page is influenced by the way that the world is moving and the natural disasters that take place. It is interesting for both the context of the rapture and the links to the site. The website is well organized and the topics are clearly presented. No special programs are required to access this site. (Accessed November 5, 2002)
The Rapture of the Saints." Submitted by Derek Vikara
This page uses actual documentation from the bible. This page asks questions that seem to be commonly asked about the rapture. The purpose is to answer people's questions about the end of the world with documentation from the bible. People concerned about the basic questions and beliefs of the end of the world could find a use for this particular web page. The web site is professional because it is answers questions with biblical documentation and examples. This web site's home page, Aggelia Iinternet Publishing, has additional information about the bible and other biblical topics. The page gives information about; what the rapture is, what will happen before the rapture, and what will be required to be chosen to go to heaven. I feel that the author is writing this page to give valid knowledge for anyone that is concerned with the rapture. There is no mention of the author but there is a mention of the organization that published this site. (Accessed November 27, 1999)
Rapture -- or the Tribulation, submitted by Audrey Rohrer
This site by Duncan Long, although respectable, cites none of his credentials. However, it appears that he has some experience with the material, as his information is drawn from biblical references and scholarly interpretations. He is attempting to give a written explanation of fundamentalist Christian beliefs to a secular audience. Included are some answer to common questions surrounding biblical prophesy. Additionally, he tries to preach the truth" to nonbelievers, and concerns himself with the salvation of the lost. He feels that the end is near, and therefore arrives at typical Doomsday Christian conclusion that mankind should repent. However, he does not satisfactorily justify these conclusions. (December 15, 2004: Link updated)

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