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Because so much apocalyptic material was generated in expectation of the Year 2000, you will find Y2K references throughout this site. This page collects material that deals with the technical problems anticipated and some of the solutions. Now that the crisis is over, many Y2K sites are offline.

Like so many others, my Countdown to the Millennium clock is now marking off the time since the Crash did not come.

y2k Back to Basics:, submitted by Jackie Dombrowski
Bill Conley gives survival techniques for the y2k problem. His site shows how banks and businesses will be effected, among other things. Register your name in the Survival Ring, be updated with pertinent information, and establish your own site. Bill Conley writes to people who are computer literate, may have a family, and are concerned about y2k and how it will effect them. There are varying links, like y2k coin solicitation, and the dangers of being around water when y2k strikes. One link, by USA Today, contains interviews of airline representatives, spokes people, and travel agents. They calm people's fear of flying over New Year's by proving that some airlines have booked flights for the year 2000, however, complications may arise as the date comes closer. (Accessed March 7, 1999) (Site unavailable October 30, 2002)
The Year 2000 and Y2K problems
This site maintained by the Digital Financier tries to address the problems from the business point of view. A generous list of links, especially to sources for fixing the problems involved.
Another site dedicated to providing reliable information on the "millennium bug" is the Year 2000 Information Center
The Survival Center
A site dedicated to helping families prepare for the worst case Y2K scenarios. Among the site's numerous predictions of future disasters and "earth changes," prominence is given to Richard Noone's prediction of calamity on or about May 2, 2000 when a line up of major planets will create a major stress on the earth.
Survivalnet.org Submitted by David Rodriguez.
Survivalnet.org is a website devoted to the preparation and survival of the end of the world. The author of the website is Alexander Wilhelmien. Basically, this website deals mostly with survival and preparation tips for some unknown catastrophic event. In order to prepare people for this event, Wilhelmien has extensive lists of supplies that should be collected, explanations of the best can foods to buy, and tips on how to survive away from civilization. Wilhelmien seems to be a reliable expert on survival skills; showing extensive knowledge of survival tactics. This website is basically for anyone interested in survival or even simple hiking and camping. Anyone interested in the end of the world and the apocalypse may be disappointed but those who want to be prepared for anything should be set. (Accessed 29 November 1999).

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