New Age Prophecy

What do we mean by the term "new age"? New Age philosophies might be considered a subgroup of metaphysical philosophy, concerned with defining the ultimate nature of existence as an evolution of consciousness and increasing awareness of cosmic and spiritual energies. Although wildly divergent as a group, New Agers might interpret the new millennium positively, as an opportunity for an evolutionary leap for humankind, a spiritual cleansing, or a time of contact with higher spiritual beings. Practices such as astrology, meditation, crystal healing, and drug experimentation tend to be more favored avenues to the truth, although many New Agers acknowledge truth in Christian spirituality.

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The Aetherius Society, submitted by Matt Reilly.
According to The Aetherius Society's about page, "The Aetherius Society is a worldwide spiritual organization comprised of people dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity through spiritual action." The website contains information about the group, such as its goals, beliefs and origins. The foundation of the Aetherius Society rests on the hypothetical "Cosmic and Ascended Masters" to "bring a state of balance back to humanity." The site has pages dedicated to "Spiritual Development" and "Global Healing", as well as a "Healing Sanctuary" which features a 120$ Spiritual Healing Course. There is an online store as well, with DVD's, and books for sale. For interested people, the website contains a page that details the benefits of joining the society. There is also a FAQ page, which answers some common questions such as why UFOs blink their lights and why they don't land on Earth. (Accessed November 24, 2007)
Astrology, Horoscope, Indian & Chinese Astrology, daily & weekly horoscopes, Numerology & Palmistry at FIND YOUR FATE online free -- Zodiac Signs, submitted by Carolyn Kuzell.
This is a site not to be taken too seriously, but is a fun site to play around on and see what the site has to offer such as one's personal countdown or palm reading. Although this site doesn't necessarily predict the end of the world, it can predict the end of someone's world. A point worth mentioning about this site is that at the bottom of the website, there is a note that says the site is only for entertainment and does not contain actual valid information. (This site could also be used to scare really gullible people). There are several categories: horoscopes, astrology (Indian astrology, Chinese astrology), compatibility reading, and dreams, and Death: The Death Clock to find your Armageddon's Day with Death. This website is directed to a general audience just for kicks, (Accessed 20 November 2005)
Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science Website, submitted by David Wong.
Ellie Crystal created this site and it is dedicated to the metaphysical and science. She is a Psychic, author and a Reiki Master. Reiki is a form of healing. This website is popular with over a million hits per day. This website is very informative. There is information on the Metaphysical as well as science. This website has an extensive database of information ranging from Atlantis to Zarathustra, The Persian Prophet. The section marked physical sciences explains such things from Chemistry to Weather Patterns. There is also a section with prophecies. The background on the website is nice and simple yet it seems to go along with the entire theme of the website. A search engine at the bottom of the website. This website is useful for everyone. (Accessed 13 November 2007)
ECES Another Way of Living, submitted by Patrick Struhar
The site emphasizes the problems in our environment, both present and future possibilities. ECES is an organization called Earth Crash Earth Spirit dedicated to the conservation and education of the current environmental problem. The site is a non- profit endeavor for education of recent studies and articles on topics including, global warming, extinction, and pollution. The site is easily navigated through links and in the articles that lead to other points of interest and about ECES itself, including email and their other pages. Although some of the articles are somewhat dated, most of them can still be used as current resources. Although the site could be accessed by anyone surfing the web, I feel that this site is for people concerned about the environment and looking for others to help their cause or people who are looking for information on the environmental status and what they can do to help. (Accessed November 4, 2004, site not available December 22, 2005)
Future Fate, submitted by Jill Cheeseman
Future Fate is copyrighted by New Millennium Products, although no specific author is provided, making it hard to judge the author's qualifications. This site informs the public of many predictions about the end of the world. The author makes it seem that the predictions being made have the same historical basis. It is suggested that many of the famous predictors information, including Nostradamus, Mother Mary, and Hopi prophecies, is converging on the same time period, therefore suggesting that the end of the world is near. Some categories cited are pole shift, earth changes, and Armageddon One important aspect that is left out is Biblical predictions, which suggests a bias against Biblical prophecies. For this reason, the viewer may feel there is insufficient information on the topics included. The author offers many links to look further into the topics that were addressed. (Accessed February 27, 1999)
[Editor's note, October 30, 2002: The Future Fate site now links to Panchang Astrology and Horoscope. Much of this site is accessible only to registered users, and appears much different from the site reviewed.]
The Heaven's Gate.
Prompted by the close approach of the Hale-Bopp comet, 39 members of Heaven's Gate committed mass suicide in order to merge with a "higher source." Their bodies were discovered on March 26, 1997. The link will take you to a separate page on this group.
The Great Awakening, submitted by Emily Miller.
This site is dedicated to informing the reader of a New Age way of thinking and puts emphasis on Mayan beliefs. It was created by Michael Sharp and is regularly updated. He has a PhD in sociology, is known as a mystic and world teacher, and is the author of many books advertised on his website. He also advertises for the sponsoring organization, Avatar Publishing. He provides some books for free online and plans to provide the others for free as well. His purpose is to inform many about spiritual enlightenment. The site provides links that help teach this way of thinking. Registered users have access to more information about the topic. This site is a fantastic source for anyone wanting to learn more about New Age thinking. There are variations of sources including videos, podcasts, and forums. Multiple ways of contact is also provided. (Accessed November 12, 2007).
Psychic Investigator, submitted by Tim Wrona.
Author Tom Howell, who wrote this site objectively, which explores all view points on a wide array of topics, which helps make the site more apt to suit the interests of many. Some of the topics explored are issues pertaining to the nineteen sixties, middle ages, ancient times, present, future, and the roaring twenties. Some more specific examples of topics are Nostradamus, the Oracle of Malta, Harry Houdini, etc. This site is particularly well referenced, as there are links to many references, such as the complete quatrains of Nostradamus', speeches, CD roms, and the list continues. This is just a taste of what the site contains, if the topic you seek has anything in common with the topics listed above, I encourage you to view this site, because it contains an enormous amount of information. (Reviewed 1997; link updated October 30, 2002)
The Raelian Revolution, submitted by Andrew McAdams
The Raelian Revolution is a new age UFO cult that boasts more than fifty-five thousand members world-wide. The Raelians believe that aliens created man and all life on earth through the use of DNA by constructing us and guiding us through our various stages. They explain the miracles of antiquity such as the resurrection of Christ as a marvel of cloning. The site is accusatory of traditional religions and the information contained on the site is mainly for propaganda purposes. Rael has loopholes supporting his thesis, which make him less credible. Each section is clearly labeled and framed, making navigation simple. (Accessed November 23, 2002).
[Editor's Note: This is the group that has made the headlines with their related project CLONAID, the First Human Cloning Company. They announced that "Clone baby Eve was born in an undisclosed location on December 26, 2002 and is doing well. All tests so far show that the baby is healthy." Unable to examine the baby or any other proof, most commentators have expressed skepticism about this event. See the Wired News story Clonaid: Birth of a Media Menace?]
Spiritual Science Research Foundation, submitted by Ashley Conroy
The Spiritual Research foundation is an organization aimed at educating humanity on how spirituality can affect lives. Being a well-rounded and funded organization, they are very credible. There is much evidence and research put forth in factual information that displays their desire to educate. The purpose of this particular website is to inform people of the different types of spirituality and how different views are interpreted such as Armageddon or World War III, Climate Change and Natural Disasters, and also research on Nostradamus. With charts, facts, graphical depictions, and explanations makes the audience for this website very broad. Anyone willing to read through information and explore end of the world descriptions and spiritual perspectives will get great use from this source. (Accessed November 15th, 2007)
Tom Chase: two related sites
The New Age and Astrology- Prophecies of the Future, World Events, and the Economy , submitted by Christopher Hallam
Aiming at a general audience, Tom Chase analyzes the possible end of the world in the year two thousand through a deep exploration of New Age concepts. His eloquent and unique, yet unsupported claims have a very good grasp of the Book of Revelation and its interpretations. Tom Chase mentions pop-culture items and their relevance to the end of the world, such as movies, comet Hale-Bopp, Shroud of Turin, Princess Diana, and OJ Simpson. The well thought out belief that the end can be predicted using astrology combined with New Age philosophies is convincingly presented. His site also includes links to another one of his web pages and other sites with related topics. (Accessed March 14, 1999)
Revelation13.net, submitted by Matt Hogya
Created by a man who calls himself "T. Chase," this site is full of his beliefs about the end of the world. At first glance, this site may resemble something that any amateur could put up within a day. When one browses deeper, however, they will find this person has really put a lot of time and effort into this website. Much of this effort, however, results in laughable theories: Godzilla's relation to the end of the world, the stock market's reaction to the alignment of the planets, etc. Many of the theories, however, are more realistic and quite interesting. For skeptics and cynics, this site provides an almost endless supply of knee-slappers and conversations that start with "Look at this moron!" For those with an open mind, however, this site will certainly make you stop and wonder if this guy is really on to something? (Accessed 8 December 2004)
Revelation 13, submitted by Kasia Pudlewski.
This site, by T. Chase, provides information on the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation. There is an abundance of information on topics such as: predictions and prophecies for the future, number and time patterns, Astronomy, Astrology, diseases, geographical aspects of the world, and miscellaneous information on topics such as Virgin Mary sightings and the Shroud of Turin. Many of these topics are supported with biblical data, taken from the King James Version Bible, charts, diagrams, and pictures. Furthermore, this site incorporates current events and relates them to the Book of Revelation. This site provides summaries in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Danish. An e-mail address is also provided for any questions or concerns. I would recommend this site to anyone with an interest in prophecies and predictions supported by the Bible. (Last accessed on 4 November 2004)
Signs of the Times, submitted by Christian Provance
Signs of the Times" is a hub of article links about the end of the world. It claims to accrue over eight million page views a month. It is run privately by Laura Knight-Jadcyzk, but endorsed by the Quantum Future Group. It is updated many times per week with articles from trustworthy websites or noted newspapers, trying to persuade people to join their cause. A few articles are written by the anonymous editors for the website. These articles tend to be more anarchist and nonconformative. The leaders of the website lean against the United States government and any supporters of the government. Like many websites, "Signs of the Times" has forums and user comments, but they do not allow users to post articles on the website. (Accessed Nov 25, 2013)
Watcher, submitted by Emily Rich
This site was created in November of 2004 and provides profound passages from the Bible that prophesize the coming of aliens to the planet who will claim to be fallen angels. This site informs civilization that these "beings" have been here since the beginning of time. This site also shows how the Bible has clearly warned us against these other "gods", or followers of the Antichrist. The authors of this website, David and Brenda Flynn, are both authors of multiple books and their research has been featured on several different television shows. This website includes links about the antichrist, angels and aliens, and Lucifer, which are very easy to navigate. Overall, it is a great source for research about the end of the world and angels. (Accessed November 2, 2004)
Zoroastrian Prophesies, submitted by Erin Casey
Zoroastrian Prophesies is useful in informing people through the beliefs of a different religion, of how the world will end and the signs foretelling when the end will come based on religious texts. This article can be accessed through Avesta-Zoroastrian Prophesies, the main site containing other links to learn about Zoroastrianism, a religion that originated in ancient Persia and is practiced by some in America. Credit goes to Avesta for creating and keeping up with the site. I recommend this site and article to those interested in learning about different religions and the way differing religions view the end of the world. (November 1, 2004)

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