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The Hal Lindsey Report, submitted by Victoria Pless.
The Hal Lindsey Media Ministries takes credit for this website. Hal Lindsey is a fundamentalist who gives prophecies and relates them to the stories that are very relevant in modern day situations, whether political, social, or religious based. Also provided on this site are articles that are made available from other sources, including major news resources, which vary in content. Hal Lindsey's focus on the issues that he finds to be important in the day is the main point of this website. Whether or not you agree with these commentaries is based on your opinions and biases. Although Hal Lindsey is trying to teach people his way of life, the decision to take his words to heart is ultimately up to the viewer. (Accessed 2 November 2010)
The Hal Lindsey Report, submitted by Lisa Roane.
This website is the official website of Hal Lindsey Media Ministries and Hal Lindsey, who is a popular Bible prophecy teacher and author of The Late Great Planet Earth. The Hal Lindsey Report is the most up-to-date website containing Hal Lindsey information and contains an informative program that gives a weekly report that covers current events and national and international issues from a Biblical and prophecy-based perspective. On his old website, Hal Lindsey Oracle, the commentary was based mostly around Lindsey's prophecies but the new site allows for more in depth look at the headlines with a prophecy-based perspective. This website would be good for anyone interested in end-time predictions, Hal Lindsey or the Apocalypse in general since it has a lot about current issues looked at in a "Hal Lindsey" way. (Accessed December 22, 2005; link updated November 8, 2010)
Hal Lindsey Oracle
The official website of Hal Lindsey Ministeries, with its slogan "Politically Incorrect - Prophetically Correct.", features commentaries on the daily news in light of Lindsey's prophecies. Commentaries by other evangelists, for example Jack Kinsella, are available along with books, DVDs, and opportunities to participate in the ministry. (Accessed December 22, 2005)
Hal Lindsey: General Teachings/Activities, submitted by Anthony Ventura
This page is created by Rick Miesel, editor for the Biblical Discernment Ministries, and is intended for anyone willing to read it. Miesel, a well educated man, has a masters degree and decades of experience in analyzing and criticizing religions and other figures. Miesel, through harsh and slanderous accusations belittles Lindsey. His bias however, is well supported and it seems as if all that is alleged is true. The links provided in this page are relevant to Biblical Discernment Ministries and Miesel only, none are related to Lindsey or the accusations made. In comparison to other Hal Lindsey pages, this one is unique, others are much more supportive and are more intellectually analytical. I recommend venturing to this page if for no other reason, pure entertainment. (accessed 22 Oct 1997) (Link updated October 30, 2002)
Earthquakes and Historical Facts: Rapture & Premillennialism Refuted, submitted by Caroline Wilson
This website, Chapter 3 from Sign of the Last Days-When? by Carl O. Jonsson and Wolfgang Herbst, strongly refutes Hal Lindsey and the premillennialist idea of an imminent rapture, primarily the ideas concerning the prophecies of increased natural disasters such as earthquakes. The authors oppose the idea that the rapture is near by providing a phenomenal and lengthy amount of scientific and historical data, including graphs and tables taken from many sources, which show that there has been little increase in earthquake activity ever since it has been measured. The site has direct access to The Interactive Bible homepage a site maintained by the Assembly faith which includes their beliefs, locations, and other related information. (accessed 18 October, 1997)
International Intelligence Briefing Report, submitted by Dmitri Zagidulin.
International Intelligence Briefing Report, submitted by Dmitri Zagidulin. Visit the IIBR if you're curious about the latest projects of Hal Lindsey, the author of The Late Great Planet Earth. The site and its sponsor, Western Front Publishing, both advertise the products and views pertaining to Biblical prophecy as advocated by Lindsey and colleagues. The site features: advertisements for a weekly television program (with transcripts) in which Hal Lindsey and Cliff Ford read prophecy-related world news; a window with "news most Americans never read or hear about, news that is shaping our world," supporting Hal's apocalyptic beliefs; tours to the Holy Land with Hal and Cliff; and membership into the International Intelligence Briefing Club, which provides members with updates on the apocalypse and discounts on Christian Media Services (a sister organization to Western Front). (Accessed March 14, 1999).
[Editor's Note: December 22, 2005, link updated to the latest Hal Lindsey site. As of October 30, 2002, the original site http://www.iib-report.com was devoted to creating a new millennium lifestyle through home-based business. Christian Media Services is no longer online.]
There's a Hole in the Bucket, submitted by Caroline Wilson
Ralph Davenport, a "non-traditionalist" Christian, refutes the rapture theology on this informative site by comparing it to a bucket with holes. Davenport tries to clearly illustrate that rapture has many claims that do not "hold water" through many scripture quotes, also noting that many of the signs that will precede the second coming of the Lord have been ignored by rapturists. He further refutes people like Hal Lindsey who continue to maintain that the rapture is true despite these Biblical facts. Easily accessed through this website is Davenport's, The Saints Homepage, which contains links to his Bible prophecies, theories on pre-wrath rapture, and other theologies, all aimed at individuals wanting to know more about the rapture and related subjects. (accessed 18 October 1997)

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