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This website was created in an art history seminar directed by Dr. Amelia Carr in Spring 1997 and generously funded by a grant from the Culpeper Foundation. Participants included Ben Allison, Brian Ayer, Luke Boger, Jason Brock, Whitney Burke, Justin Leous, Kristen Magee, and Ryan Wilcox.

Artworks in this website were exhibited in "RUSSIAN ICONS: HUMANITY TRANSFIGURED" in the Megahan Gallery, Allegheny College, from 8 March - 6 April, 1994. We would like to acknowledge our use of material from that catalogue, written by Christy Allbee, David Bell, Janine Confer, Stephanie McCabe and Kristin O'Donnell, based on study undertaken in an art history seminar directed by Dr. Amelia Carr during Spring, 1993.

Allegheny College gratefully acknowledges the special assistance of:

  • Helen McCullough, Media Specialist, Allegheny College
  • Karen Stone, Educational Computing Service, Allegheny College
  • Father Theodore Jurewicz, of The Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ, Erie, Pennsylvania.
  • Jarecki's Jewelers and Silversmiths, Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Marjorie and Chris Katope, Meadville, Pennsylvania
  • Professor Lou Wagner , Modern Languages (Russian), Allegheny College
  • President and Mrs. Daniel Sullivan, Allegheny College
  • President Richard Cook and Terry Lahti, Allegheny College
  • Joanna Jurewicz of Allegheny College.
  • Art Department, Allegheny College

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Bible passages are quoted from the King James translation.

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